Stump Removal

Stump removal is another question we get with regards to cutting down trees. We believe that stump removal is dependent upon location. For instance, if you are having a tree cut down in your woods behind your house, then it is not as necessary to have it removed. However, if your stump is in the area of where people will be walking, then we think it is extremely important for it to be removed.

It is a very easy process to have your stump removed. Normally, it will look like the tree company cutting the tree down to the ground. Following this, they normally will bring a stump grinder that will help you get rid of your stump. The stump grinder works just like a grinder. It has a huge saw like grinder that when spinning will allow the worker to cut away the stump. You start with the top and you move your way down all the way into the dirt. It is amazing how fast and easy it is with the proper stump grinder. Normally, it takes less than an hour to grind up your stump.

The cost can very from company to company. It may usually run anywhere from $300-$700. If you are looking for a good stump grinding company, then check out Savannah Tree Services.

Tree Services in Arizona

Looking for a professional arborist in your area? We are fully trained and insured. What are your tree service needs? Are you looking for someone to come in and save a tree? Are you looking for someone to come in to remove a dead tree or to have a stump removed?

We run into lots of clients who have questions about their landscaping and their trees within their property. Here is one of the most popular questions we get. How do I know if my tree is dying? There are lots of ways to know if your tree is dying. Trees die based on lots of things: Some trees have an inside disease going on. Some trees are not getting enough nutrition. Some trees find a disease in a certain part of the tree. Therefore, a limb or two limbs will be dead.

Arborists give you an in depth understanding of what is going on with your tree. Sometimes, we come in to help you understand that your trees either need to be cut down or to be saved. We evaluate your tree. We do several tests to see if we can save the tree or not. First, we do the eye test to see. Is it struggling to grow because other trees are keeping it from growing? Does the whole tree look like it is dying or just a portion of it is dying? Next, we use some of instruments to drill into the tree. Then, take readings of the tree to find out what is going on. Once we have this information, then we are able to find out how we can better meet the needs that you have.

Most of our services find that trees if they are treated can survive. The key is to find out whether or not they are diseased early enough. This means that we would recommend our clients to do an annual check to see if any of their trees look unusual. We have had lots of clients respond to our services. Recently, we have opened up our services. If you are looking for services in this area or the Arizona area, then please give us a call.

Auncam Tree Service

Auncam Tree Service has been helping homeowners take care of their century old trees. We specialize in taking care of these trees. If they are diseased or dying, then we take extra measures to find out if they can be saved. If we determine that they can be saved, then we take careful measures to save the tree. If we determine that they can’t be saved, then we take the best measures to save the parts that we can. We are experienced aborists who have been fully trained in caring for trees. We are on social media. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.